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Purple People Eater

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dress and cardigan: Old Navy; Boots: Torrid; Necklace: Forever21.

Today purple was my power color. I had quite the productive, awesome, good news day. And tomorrow is Friday... aka Halloween Eve. What is everyone dressing as?

Safari Allie

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cardigan: H&M; Scarf: Target; Shirt: Macys; Skirt: Old Navy: Boots... I don't remember!
Today my skirt would not cooperate. I had just washed/dryed it and usually that makes things a bit tighter than usual. So I went about my day as usual. It didn't occur to me until I was on my lunch break, filling my car up at the gas station, that my skirt had turned itself around. This is a very good sign, my friends, because you see, I just purchased this skirt a month or so ago in a smaller size than I would normally have worn.
This also means that this outfit would not have sufficed, should I have gone on a safari. Which was my original plan, but work got in the way.


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The past few months have been a whirlwind of work, work trips, vacations, work, work, and more work. I am fully committed to keeping this blog up, mainly as a place to host my daily outfit photos. I was going to do a timeline of outfits past, but since most of you readers are also my friend on Facebook, I will post today's picture only:

Cardigan: Old Navy; Cat Print Shirt: Forever21; Skirt: Macy's (forgot the brand); belt and boots: Torrid.

My goals for this blog:
1. Track my weight loss through daily pictures. I'm about 20lbs down since the beginning of August, so it's neat to see the changes in the clothese I wear.
2. Help others find ways to be more creative with what they wear.
3. Motivate other people to post their outfit photos so I don't look like such a narcissisistic clothes horse.
4. Purchase a full length mirror for my house so no one has to look at the walls of my bathroom anymore.

With these four goals, I hope to keep you entertained. If I get enough readers, I'll start posting more personal stuff, but for now this should suffice. I mean come on, how many of you have ever seen the inside of my work bathroom? I'm breaking barriers here, people!

Ruffles and Boots (again)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

So Sunday I ended up wearing nothing but my black skinny jeans and a Steeler's jersey all evening, thanks to the Superbowl. I didn't count it as one of my outfits because I didn't put the jersey in my 30 because when else would I wear it?
Monday I didn't leave the house because I was too busy crying over their loss against the Packers. I kid. I was crying because I had a mini hangover from too many Hefeweisen.
I'm back on track today though! Dress- Macy's
Cardigan- Old Navy
Tights- Target
Boots- Torrid
If you look closely, you can see the (blurry) pair of shoes sitting on my gym bag. I need to get these fixed so I can wear them a lot because they're my favorite. I got up early this morning and actually "did" my hair. I'm getting used to the new haircut, so I've been wearing my hair back a lot.
And, due to request, here is a sneak peek of the dress I'm going to wear to the Vampire Ball. Don't worry, remixers, the ball isn't until March 5, so this isn't breaking rules!

I'm super excited about my outfit for tomorrow. It's going to be snazzy.

Let the Food Times Roll!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

This weekend, my parents came up from Stuttgart for a visit. Mom and I got our nails done while dad took care of some car stuff, then we just hung out at my house and relaxed. I love hearing my dad's "war" stories and talking about TV shows and celebrity gossip with my mom.

To cap off the day, we went to one of my favorite childhood restaurants, a small Italian restaurant called Bella Capri. I remember going there when I was 13 and talking to one of dads' coworkers' sons about Nintendo Power magazine while eating rigatoni alla panna. The food was still as delicious as I remember.

One step up from mirror photo is mom photo. This is my main foyer, which I have newly decorated and am so in love with. I know I wore these jeans and blazer yesterday, but I don't care. Dad joked that I needed a bigger belt and mom said I've had this shirt since middle school. I guess it was from my "goth" phase. I probably haven't worn it since middle school, so it's a good thing I put it in my remix choices.
Happy Mom.

Dad, likely mid-story.

Lambrusco (fizzy red wine) and San Pellegrino.

Germans make the best salads, ever. Yes, I realize this is in an Italian restaurant, but I'm so glad they follow the German rule of "veggies cover the small amount of lettuce, while yogurt dressing covers the entire salad."

Pizza Quatro Formaggi.

Rigatoni alla Panna

Penne alla Panna con Spinaci.

04 Feb 11- Purple Rain

Friday, February 4, 2011

On Fridays, if our leadership is gone and it's going to be a quiet day, we wear jeans. Today I decided to dress it up a bit and add a blazer and belt to a shirt I normally wear by itself. I *almost* wore my purple boots, but I think it would have been too matchy-matchy, so on went the boots.
Blazer and Shirt- Target
Belt, skinny jeans, and boots- Torrid
Jewelry- C&A

It was a pretty successful outfit... another one of my guy coworkers asked me if I had been losing weight and that I look great, so I guess if a guy notices, then it's true.

Also, I have decided to replace one of my black shirts with a Hello Kitty t-shirt because I tried the black shirt on today and it was so well loved that it ripped. *sigh* I really need to go through my clothes and part with the ones I've just worn too much. Prepare for the funeral, folks.

Have a good weekend, everyone! I'll see you tomorrow :-)

03 Feb 11- Preppy McPreppenheimer (Schmidt)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Today I failed at getting more than one picture. I swear this weekend that I will practice with the timer on my SLR and find a new place to pose, other than my work bathroom.

But for now, here's my outfit:

Dress- Torrid
Belt- Torrid
Sweater- Old Navy
Tights- Target?
Boots- Torrid
Necklace- Target